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Everything is within walking distance!

Events in St-Denis


Tour of Villages
  • request the map filled with tips and stops for activities in the (6) villages along the Richelieu river.
  • St-Denis sur Richelieu is a membre of the Association of most Beautiful Villages in Québec
  • Membre of "Entre Fleuve et Rivière"


Restaurants in the heart of the village


Things to see and do nearby

Museum and Historical Sites:

  • well as the Parc des Patriotes, nearby.
  • The historic walking trail in the village
  • The St-Denis dock, where the Louis Joseph Papineau monument stands
  • The St-Denis church, built in 1792
  • Snowmobile, snowwalking, skating 
    And a short drive from here:

Services in the village :

  • Grocery store (Bonichoix), depanneur, gas station, garage for maintenance and repairs, hardware store, bank (Caisse Populaire Desjardins) with ATM, post office, drugstore, medical and dental clinic
  • Bicycle repair shop
  • Tennis court, petanque courts, playground for kids, multifunctional skating rink.
  • Fitness centre Dionyforme (Possibility of a day pass)

Driving around... 

Direction of Mt-St-Hilaire and Beloeil

  In St-Charles, nice stops at

    Towards Mont-St-Hilaire

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